A smarter approach to global multichannel integration

Our story

The Codisto story began in 2011, when we were commissioned by a large retailer to develop a custom integration between their in house system and eBay.

What started as a small brief for inventory sync expanded into a 24-month project and development of a full integration solution complete with listing automation, order management and full real-time sync between channels.

The client became one of eBay’s top sellers and we were engaged by eBay to integrate other large retailers.

In 2014, after a history of successful custom integrations, we decided to productize our offering to bring Codisto to a wider audience.

Other multichannel solutions had invariably developed their own platforms, requiring users to first migrate to their platform to access their multichannel capabilities. We knew there was a better way to offer a multichannel solution that allowed merchants to retain their existing platforms and enjoy faster, easier multichannel.

Using existing platforms as the source of truth for data and for our user interface was a more difficult task because it meant being constrained by the functionality those platforms allowed external software developers to access.

The decision to take the more difficult path, developing Codisto not as another platform merchants needed to board onto has paid off. Merchant feedback, our growth in subscriptions around the world and the commercial agreements we have with major partners all point to the continued momentum away from bespoke multichannel platforms and the consolidation towards fewer, more powerful ecommerce platforms that offer best in class integrations with leading third party experts.

Today’s need is for total commerce. No single company can provide all required. Instead, today requires seamless integration of the world’s best solutions from all branches of commerce. Codisto will continue to remain laser focused on providing industry leading multichannel selling solutions and doing our part in driving towards the goal of Total Commerce.

Company founded

Development of custom eBay integration solutions for large retailers

Productization of eBay integration solution

Launch of Codisto solution for Magento

Launch of Codisto solution for WooCommerce

Launch of global Amazon integration

Launch of Codisto for Shopify

Codisto invited to become member of eBay Developer's Council

Codisto chosen as official global Amazon & eBay solution for Ecwid

Codisto invited to become member of Amazon's Developer's Council

Codisto chosen as official global Amazon & eBay solution for WooCommerce

Launch of Codisto for BigCommerce

Codisto becomes top rated 3rd-party Amazon & eBay app on Shopify App Store

Codisto invited to become BigCommerce Preferred Partner

Launch of Google integration solution

Codisto invited to become Google Partner

Codisto wins Merchant's Choice award for APAC at 2020 BigCommerce Partner Summit

Launch of Kogan integration for Codisto Plus

Codisto invited to become BigCommerce Elite Partner

Launch of Amazon by Codisto on Shopify

Smarter multichannel selling Directly from your ecommerce platform

Create new channel listings and sync product details, prices & inventory directly from your ecommerce platform.

Automatically transfer orders and sync shipment status between sales channels and your ecommerce platform for easy fulfillment.

Sync website product values or specify custom values for any field such as price, title or description.

Codisto is ‘launch ready’ meaning there is no re-platforming and no data source migration. Stick with your existing ecommerce platform, add Codisto and sell more today!

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