Frequently Asked Questions


What does Codisto do?

Very briefly, Codisto is a multi-channel solution that allows you to sell on Sales channels like Google, Amazon, eBay & Walmart directly from your ecommerce platform. We can create new listings, link existing listings, keep product details, prices and inventory in sync on all channels and transfer sales channel orders to your ecommerce platform (updating the status and shipment tracking data on Channels as fulfilment occurs).

What Sales Channels does Codisto App support?

Codisto App currently supports Google, Amazon, eBay & Walmart globally - all sites, all currencies, all categories. Google includes, Surfaces across Google, Google Product Ads, and Google Shopping with support for Buy on Google.

What ecommerce platforms does Codisto support?

Codisto App supports Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento & Ecwid, for all countries and all store currencies.

Do I need to transfer my products to Codisto to sell multichannel?

No - that's one of the main differences and advantages of Codisto over other solutions. You simply install Codisto and carry on using your ecommerce platform as the source of truth for your product catalog data, making any updates there. Codisto updates your listings on Sales Channels. There's no data migration and no replatforming so set up is very fast along with other benefits

Does Codisto support all Google, Amazon, Walmart & eBay sites globally & all ecommerce platform store countries & currencies?

Yes, Codisto supports listings on all supported Sales Channel sites around the world all from within your ecommerce platform. We also support all store currencies and you can use our in-built currency manager to list on channel sites in different currencies.

What types of sellers use Codisto?

Codisto is suitable for any sellers using one of our supported ecommerce platforms. Small sellers or those new to multichannel selling will enjoy our single edit flow and multi-edit XpressGrid. Mid/Large sellers will gravitate towards our multi-edit XpressGrid and our Attribute field mapping functionality. Sophisticated/Larger sellers should enquire about Codisto Plus.

I am a large or sophisticated seller, will Codisto work for me?

Codisto's features, user experience and real-time sync performance are second to none. We encourage you to reach out and learn about Codisto Plus which is likely to be the best product fit for your business.

How do I move to Codisto from another solution?

Switching is easy. Simply uninstall/disconnect existing solution (without ending any listings), install Codisto and follow the in app prompts (including relinking any existing listings which can be done quickly in bulk).

Can Codisto import my Amazon, Walmart or eBay listings and create products in my ecommerce platform?

No, Codisto uses your online store product catalog as the 'source of truth' to sync with Google/Amazon/eBay/Walmart. Hence the products must exist in your ecommerce platform first. There are 3rd party importer tools available to create products in your ecommerce platform (search Google or app store) from your Sales Channel listings you don't have products for these. You can then use Codisto to create/link & sync your ecommerce platform products with Google/Amazon/eBay/Walmart. There are many reasons Codisto uses your ecommerce platform as the source of truth for product data. For example, It's much easier to update products in bulk via CSV import into your ecommerce platform than it is to update listings on Sales Channels directly. Also, it's better to maintain all product data in a single location that's not on the Sales Channels because if anything goes wrong with a Sales Channel account it's possible to lose all your data.

What are some of the main differences of Codisto over other solutions?

Some of the main differences are:

  1. Codisto allows you to retain your existing business flows - stay with your existing ecommerce platform and simply install Codisto. This avoids having to move to another platform saving a lot of set up time and changing your data flows for which system is the 'master'. It also means you aren't reliant on your multichannel solution having to develop all functionality for your ecommerce needs - Codisto works seamlessly with your existing platform so you can leverage the app store ecosystem which provide best in class solutions and flexibility.
  2. Performance of sync is crucial when selling on multiple channels - you can't afford to have delayed orders, oversell inventory or sell at wrong prices. Codisto has operated for many years as a specialist multichannel solution and we have honed our real-time sync over that period to offer best in class performance as evidenced by our Shopify app store ratings.
  3. Our user experience is unique offering 3 different ways to list and manage products. Our Single listing mode is great to learn, our Multi-list XpressGrid mode offers best in class bulk list & edit and our Attribute Mapping mode is again best in class offering mapping ability for all Sales Channel fields (not usually found).
  4. Feature differences - as an example many other solutions don't have the ability to create new Amazon ASINs for example (they ask you to create on Amazon first and then link). We encourage you to do your own research but please see the the feature list on the pricing page for what's included in Codisto.


How long does it take to set up and start selling?

Because Codisto sits inside your existing ecommerce platform there's no data migration to a separate multi-channel platform required which can save days or even weeks of setup time. With Codisto, installation and connecting a channel takes about a minute. You can choose to setting default listing values which takes another minute or so. If you are happy listing all products with default values there is nothing more to do except enable the products (in bulk) you want to list (or link to existing listings). Amazon & eBay limit the speed of listing hundreds or thousands of products to a certain rate per minute but a few thousand products are listed in about an hour. If you wish to configure certain products away from the default values, setup time is dependent on how many changes you are making but all changes can be done in bulk. Even for the most complicated configurations, it's rare that merchants aren't selling same day

Do I need to end my existing Sales Channel listings to use Codisto?

No, we understand the importance of retaining your current listings. During the installation flow we prompt you to 'Link Existing Listings' which guides you through how to link your existing Sales Channel listings to your ecommerce products. This can be done in bulk in a few clicks.

Can I use a Excel or CSV to import into Codisto?

It's not necessary to import CSVs into Codisto because we use your ecommerce platform product data as the source of truth. Hence, uploading CSV files should be done in your ecommerce platform (either to standard fields like price, name, description or to custom fields like ebay_price, Amazon_bullet_1). Once in your ecommerce platform, Codisto can sync the data with your Sales Channels (after configuring in one of our 3 listing modes)

Why is Codisto not a Sales Channel in Shopify and listed as an app instead?

Shopify's architecture only offers the ability for a 'Sales Channel' to be a single channel i.e. a product is either synced with 'that Channel' or not. Hence for Codisto to be a Sales Channel in Shopify we would only be able to offer a single channel e.g. and you would choose to list/sync with or not. Codisto would not be able to offer even and let alone Amazon/eBay/Google/Walmart because it would required EVERYTHING (including prices) to be the same on each channel. Since Codisto offers all Amazon sites, all eBay sites and Google AND supports connecting multiple Sales Channel accounts to a Channel site, there is no ability for Codisto to be a Sales Channel. In the ideal world Shopify would change the architecture of their API to allow Codisto Sales Channels to appear as sales channels (plural) in Shopify but until that happens we have to remain an app because it's the only way to retain the flexibility required to provide the depth of functionality Codisto offers.

Can I set separate price & quantity rules, titles and descriptions for use on Sales Channels different from my web store values?

Yes. It’s easy to use different values and set different rules for Sales Channel listings different to those used on your webstore and quickly apply them in bulk using in built operators or mapping fields from your ecommerce platform to help optimize your listings.

Can I list selected products or part of my catalog or do I have to list the entire catalog?

You can choose what you want to list, individually or in bulk. Filtering and bulk edit makes it very fast to list or edit any number of products.

Do I need my own Sales Channels accounts to use Codisto?

Yes, Codisto connects your online store to your Google/Amazon/eBay/Walmart account(s). You need a Google account, an Amazon Professional Seller account (you can't use an individual account because Amazon doesn't allow 3rd party connections), an eBay seller account (list any item on eBay manually once and eBay automatically turn an eBay buyer account into an eBay seller account) or a Walmart seller acount (which requires approval from Walmart). You are responsible for any Google/Amazon/eBay fees - these are separate to Codisto charges.

Can I connect multiple Sales Channels accounts to Codisto?

Yes, Codisto supports multi Google/Amazon/eBay/Walmart account, multi Google/Amazon/eBay/Walmart site & multi ecommerce platform store use.

Using Codisto

How easy it is to use Codisto?

Codisto has been developed for sellers, not for other developers. We understand the pain and common pitfalls of multichannel solutions. Deciding to use your existing ecommerce platform as the source of truth rather than requiring data migration and a full replatforming just to gain multichannel ability is one example of our aim to make something complicated as easy as possible. We have also developed three different listing modes to suit the full range of sellers from those just starting out (single mode), those looking for a fast way to list and edit multiple products in bulk (multi mode), and those with their own Sales Channel data they want to map directly to Channel fields (attribute mapping mode). Every Sales Channel requires different data in different formats but we have taken something that is very complicated and provided an easy to follow, consistent approach to the user interface for all channels.

How do I update my product listings, directly on Sales channels, in Codisto or in my ecommerce platform?

Codisto uses your ecommerce platform as the source of truth for your product data so updates should be made in your ecommerce platform. Changes made directly on Sales Channels will be overwritten by data from your ecommerce platform and settings in Codisto! (There are minor exceptions depending on advanced sync settings for e.g. images, but in general, don't update Sales Channel listings directly - changes just get overwritten!)

What does Codisto use as the source of truth for sync of data?

Codisto uses your ecommerce platform product data as the source of truth. Maintain your product data in one place - your ecommerce platform and let us sync with all your Sales Channel listings. This is a better approach than maintaining product data directly on Sales Channels because it can be lost if your account gets suspended. It's also quicker to update data in your ecommerce platform and use Codisto to update Sales Channels than it is to update Sales Channels directly and try and sync the other way to your ecommerce platform.

Can Codisto import my Sales Channel orders into my ecommerce platform?

Yes, Codisto automatically imports Sales Channel orders into your ecommerce platform and tags them. Codisto will also automatically update the fulfilment status and shipment tracking data on Sales Channels when updated in your ecommerce platform. Automatic import can be turned off or adjusted using settings in our Orders view.

Can I use Codisto to just for order sync from Sales Channels to my ecommerce platform?

Yes, you aren't required to use Codisto for listings management (although most merchants do) to take advantage or marketplace order sync - just set to "all orders" in the orders settings screen.

Does Codisto work with other 3rd party solutions e.g. other apps, inventory management solutions and repricers?

Codisto works well with common 3rd party apps e.g. meta-field extensions and shipping integrations and supports use with Inventory & Order Management Solutions and Repricers (simply turn off the appropriate sync in Codisto where other solutions are performing a certain sync function e.g. pricing sync for repricers). Codisto 'should' work well with other 3rd party apps due to our rigourous adherence to app development guidelines. However, we cannot guarantee all 3rd party apps have been developed in accordance with these guidelines and given the large number it is impossible to test all. If you are using a 3rd party app that you are already using and suspect may cause a conflict we suggest testing Codisto with a small number or products/orders first and reach out to support if you experience any difficulties.

Does Codisto support free Google Shopping listings and Surfaces across Google?

Yes, Codisto automatically syncs with your Google Merchant Center (GMC) allowing you to take advantage of free Surfaces across Google listings and free Google Shopping listings (note free Google Shopping listings require you to create 'enhanced listings' which Codisto supports but this requires a little more configuration than the automated 'standard listings' that Surfaces across Google requires. Typically, better sales are made from Google Product Ad Listings (over free listings) which Codisto makes very easy to create by setting a daily budget for and auto creating a Smart Shopping campaign for your products but there is no requirement to create Product Ad listings, you can simply sync with GMC to take advantage of free Google listings if you wish.

What's the plan for supporting more Sales Channels in the future?

We are currently developing several new sales channels including Walmart, Wish, Kogan, Catch with others in the pipeline. Please reach out to support if you wish to discuss a specific channel.

What is your support like?

Support is available 24/7 by email & chat. Phone support is available for Codisto Plus customers.

Free trial, plans & payments

How does the free trial work?

You can use Codisto free for 14 days and everything is included like you are a paying subscriber. No credit card (or Shopify billing agreement) is required to install and configure ('click around') but we ask you to choose a plan and enter credit card (or accept Shopify billing agreement) when you list/link your first item(s) which uses our sync. Nothing gets charged during the free trial period but we need a payment method in place should you decided to continue with Codisto at the end of the free trial period so that sync isn't interrupted as you move from free trial to paying subscription. If you want to cancel at any time during the free trial simply email and nothing will ever get charged. We never end listings if you cancel.

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees with any of our plans.

Are there any contracts?

There's no contract for Codisto, just pay as you go, month-to-month. You can cancel at any time without penalty. Codisto Plus requires a 12 month contract.

Can I upgrade/downgrade plans anytime?

Yes. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time by selecting the appropriate plan within the app.

Do I have to end my current eBay listings to use Codisto?

No. Codisto understands the importance of retaining your current listings. During the installation flow we prompt you to 'Link Existing eBay Listings' which guides you through how to link your existing eBay listings to your ecommerce products. This can be done in bulk in a few clicks.

Do you end listings if I cancel Codisto?

No. Listings are never ended if you cancel your Codisto subscription, they are just no longer kept in sync with your ecommerce platform and orders are no longer transferred to your ecommerce platform.

What if I go over my plan limits?

We appreciate that exceeding plan limits by small amounts may not be enough to justify paying the next highest plan fee. We also know some sales are seasonal or have temporary increases. To avoid these issues Codisto charges monthly overages above the included plan limits. You can choose to upgrade or downgrade plans at any time if these offer better value for your business by selecting the appropriate plan within the app.

What kind of payments do you accept?

For BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento & Ecwid we accept Visa and Mastercard. All Shopify charges are paid through your Shopify account, Shopify then pay us.

I operate two stores, do I need two Codisto subscriptions?

Yes, Codisto works on a 'per instance' basis. The only exception to requiring two Codisto subscriptions is if you are operating a multi-store environment on the same ecommerce platform instance (offered by certain ecommerce platforms)

Do you end listings if I cancel?

No, listings are never ended if you cancel your Codisto subscription, they are just no longer kept in sync with your ecommerce platform and orders are no longer transferred to your ecommerce platform.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, if you ever decide that Codisto doesn't suit your needs simply cancel by emailing or cancel in app. We never end any listings when you cancel, they are just not kept in sync any longer.

For Shopify Merchants

What does this mean for Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart app?

The Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart app is changing to Shopify Marketplace Connect, a first party app which will continue to be developed by Shopify to help merchants more easily manage selling into multiple leading online marketplaces.

What does this mean for the Amazon by Codisto app?

Amazon by Codisto users will not be immediately impacted by this change and can continue using Amazon by Codisto beyond this announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to Shopify Marketplace Connect as soon as possible in order to begin taking advantage of additional features and updated pricing! The Amazon by Codisto app will continue to be supported and maintained for the time being. However, it will be delisted from the Shopify App store, which means you will not be able to reinstall it in the future and no new features will be added. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you migrate to the Shopify Marketplace Connect.

What is the reason for this change?

At Shopify, we're on a mission to make commerce better for everyone, regardless of where the transaction takes place. We recognize Shopify merchants sell in more places than just Shopify and with this announcement, we’re continuing to deliver the tools you need to be successful, wherever you sell.

Will my pricing change?

We’re excited to announce a streamlined pricing model for Shopify Marketplace Connect, designed to support your growing ambitions. If you are a legacy user of the Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart app, you will be prompted within the app to opt-in to our new pricing model. You will remain on your existing pricing plan until you opt-in, which you can do at any time.

To find out more about our new pricing:
  • Visit our pricing page
  • Expand Compare plan features
  • Scroll to the section Shopify Marketplace Connect

Will the functionality or user experience change?

Between July 26, 2023 and September 30, 2023, legacy users of the Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart app will automatically be migrated to Shopify Marketplace Connect, where you will enjoy a more seamless and integrated Shopify user experience. All of the same features and functionality you’ve come to enjoy with Codisto will continue to be available to you, plus many more exciting product announcements to come! Merchants can also choose to migrate to the new user experience through the app at any time prior to your scheduled migration.

Do I need to install another app or create a new account?

No, legacy users of the Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart app do not need to install another app or create a new user account. Your account will be automatically migrated to Shopify Marketplace Connect in the coming weeks, where you’ll be able to agree to new pricing terms. Existing Amazon by Codisto users can continue to use your app unchanged. While we will continue to support and maintain the Amazon by Codisto app, we will no longer be providing feature updates. As such, we highly recommend migrating to Shopify Marketplace Connect, which will provide the same great features and more. To migrate, follow this simple migration guide. And don’t worry, your data and history will all be transferred seamlessly!

Will there be service interruptions during the migration?

There will be no disruption to your existing service! We’ve worked hard to ensure that your existing operations are not impacted by this change.

Does this change how I contact support?

Shopify Marketplace Connect help documentation is now available in the Shopify Help Center. Use one of the following options if you require further assistance and would like to speak with a support specialist:
  • Use the chat in Shopify Marketplace Connect app
  • Contact Shopify Support via the support portal
  • Legacy merchants can continue to contact
To migrate, follow this simple migration guide. And don’t worry, your data and history will all be transferred seamlessly!

I am an agency/web developer. How will this affect how I support my Shopify clients?

Nothing will inherently change regarding how you or your clients work with Shopify Marketplace Connect (formerly Codisto). We encourage you to ensure your clients are aware of the changes
  • The Codisto Amazon, eBay & Walmart app is changing to Shopify Marketplace Connect, a first party app which will continue to be developed by Shopify to help merchants more easily manage selling into multiple leading online marketplaces.
  • The Amazon by Codisto app will be delisted, but legacy users can continue to use the app for the time being. The Amazon by Codisto app will continue to be supported and maintained, but will not receive further feature development. It is recommended that you migrate to the Shopify Marketplace Connect app to take advantage of more marketplaces and the latest features.
If you have any questions relating to these changes, please reach out to your partner contact at Codisto or Shopify.

For Non-Shopify Merchants

Was Codisto Acquired by Shopify?

Yes, Codisto was acquired by Shopify.

I do not use Shopify, what is the immediate impact this will have on my use of Codisto on my ecommerce platform?

You will not be immediately impacted and can continue to use your Codisto app on all platforms. We will continue to maintain the app on all platforms and provide customer support. However, we will not continue to develop new features for Codisto apps on Magento, Woo Commerce, PrestaShop, Lightspeed, BigCommerce.

Are there plans to sunset the Codisto apps on ecommerce platforms other than Shopify?

Yes, we do plan to sunset the app on non-Shopify platforms. We are working with your ecommerce platform on a migration strategy to minimize the impact this might have on your business. The timelines for sunsetting the Codisto app on each platform will vary. More information will be provided shortly by both our team and your ecommerce platform.

When will the app be sunsetted on my platform?

The timelines for sunsetting the Codisto app on each platform are not finalized and will vary for each platform. Rest assured we will provide sufficient notice and are committed to ensuring you have the time to migrate to another solution. More information will be provided shortly.