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PRESS RELEASE: Codisto Launches Channel Cloud Plus for Enterprise-level Merchants

Award-winning software company announces launch-ready multichannel solution for enterprise sellers.

Codisto, leading developer of sales channel integrations for the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms, today announced the roll-out of their new Channel Cloud Plus solution aimed at large-scale ecommerce merchants.

Channel Cloud Plus is a dedicated enterprise-level solution for businesses with more demanding multichannel requirements. Like Codisto’s market leading Channel Cloud solution for SMB merchants, Channel Cloud Plus provides a seamless multichannel experience for online sellers looking to automatically create sales channel listings and sync inventory and orders with the world’s leading sales channels, directly from their existing platform. In addition, Channel Cloud Plus offers dedicated account management and onboarding, priority support, enterprise-grade functionality and exclusive sales channel access.

In a market dominated by specialist third-party multichannel platforms that require central control of business processes, what makes Channel Cloud Plus really stand out is its unique ability for the ecommerce platforms to continue operating as the hub for business operations, as Codisto CEO Jonathan Pollard explains.

“Leading platforms like Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise have really changed the way sellers structure their process flows, becoming the focus of their ecommerce operations and removing the need for third-party platforms that require ownership of the merchant’s catalog to provide multichannel capability.” Jonathan continued, “So whether your ecommerce platform is a key part of your ecommerce operations, or your entire business, Channel Cloud Plus sits directly inside, effectively turning your Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or whichever ecommerce platform you’ve chosen to run your online sales, into a fully-featured multichannel tool. With our solution, you no longer need a separate multichannel platform. Channel Cloud Plus does it all, directly from your existing ecommerce platform, and comes launch-ready with powerful features like logic-driven metafield mapping & automation, headless login, staff permissions and other features you would expect from a world-class multichannel solution.“

As the world’s commerce continues to expand online, it’s more important than ever for enterprise brands & retailers to bolster their multichannel strategy with fast, powerful and reliable multichannel software. Channel Cloud Plus boasts more features, greater flexibility and unrivalled automation to retailers looking to take their multichannel strategy to the next level. Channel Cloud Plus sales and enquiries contact

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