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March 2nd, 2022 In this issue: Awards announcement Amazon seller best practices Marketing funnels explained


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Codisto Receives 2021 BigCommerce Tech Partner Award for Customer Growth

We’re very excited to announce that, for the second year in a row, we’ve returned from the BigCommerce Partner Awards with an award recognizing our contributions to merchant success with Codisto announced as the 2021 Customer Growth winner for “demonstrating the most revenue growth for BigCommerce merchants”.

Whilst this award recognizes our hard work to deliver multichannel growth to our BigCommerce merchants, it comes off the back of a record year for all our valued customers with over $1 billion in sales revenue and over 20 million multichannel orders processed.

So thanks to all our Codisto sellers, on all of our supported channels, for being part of the Codisto story as we grow together with multichannel!


This week’s top articles and guides to keep you in the know and help upskill your ecommerce strategy.

Successful Amazon Seller Best Practices

From Payability

Selling on Amazon is a great way to connect your brand with new customers and grow your ecommerce business with multichannel, but success on the marketplace is no guarantee – you still need to implement an Amazon specific strategy to optimize your listings and use the Amazon marketplace to its fullest potential. That’s why Payability have provided a roadmap of some of the proven Amazon seller best practices to follow that will make sure you’re getting the most out of your marketplace efforts:

  1. Improve your product titles, descriptions and search terms with SEO keywords to optimize your listings for Amazon’s search engine.
  2. Fulfill your customers’ orders consistently and support your fulfilment process with a strong customer service focus to improve your star rating and reviews.
  3. Couple detailed, optimized listing content and images with competitive pricing.

Learn more about Amazon Seller Best Practices.

Marketing Funnels Explained: Why They Matter and How to Build Yours

From Shopify

The marketing funnel is a visual representation of the steps customers go through on their journey to purchasing your product. It’s a valuable framework that helps you understand how your customers behave and how you can guide them from awareness of your brand to becoming customers.

The basic funnel consist of four stages: awareness, consideration, conversion and loyalty, and a different marketing strategy is required to target customers at each stage and progress them to the next.

  • Awareness refers to customers’ early familiarity with your brand. At this stage, you’re focusing on getting the word out about your business, so you need to develop messaging that conveys what makes your brand and your products unique in your space and focus on reach and frequency to ensure you’re creating awareness and recall within your audience at the highest level.
  • Consideration is when a potential customer is actively looking for products like yours, so the key is to make sure your positioning your products and your brand against other alternatives and make a strong case for why they should pick yours.
  • Conversion is when you take all the work you’ve done nurturing prospects through the funnel and turn it into hard sales. They’re aware of your product, and it’s one of a number of offerings they’re considering, now convince them to take that last step and purchase. Optimizing your product listings, both on your online store and marketplaces, having highly visible positive customer reviews, remarketing, abandon cart emails, pricing and promotions are just some of the ways you can get your conversion engine firing and ensure your customers that visit your product listings take that critical next step and finalize their orders.
  • Loyalty is the final stage of your sales funnel, but just because you’ve already got the sale, doesn’t mean it isn’t just as important. Good customer service, fulfilment and marketing automation all help turn one time sales into long-term, repeat business from your customers, and help generate reviews and positive word of mouth.

Learn more about optimizing your marketing funnel here.


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